About the project

Transforming Cash Transfers is a one-year, DFID-funded study investigating beneficiary and community perspectives on cash transfer programmes in five countries - Kenya, Mozambique, the Occupied Palestinian Territories (both Gaza and West Bank), Uganda and Yemen.

This is a unique and exciting project that employs participatory and qualitative approaches, including participatory photography, to amplify marginalised voices that otherwise might not be heard. In using a variety of approaches and facilitating alternative means of expression, we have generated a rich body of research alongside tailored programme and policy recommendations which can complement more standard quantitative impact assessments. Moreover, research participants have had a unique opportunity to share and communicate their programme experiences to the research community, policymakers, practitioners and public audiences as well as to shape their own thinking about social protection rights and entitlements.

Information and resources tailored for multiple audiences relating to the research findings, methodologies used, audio-visual materials and forthcoming events can all be found on this dedicated project website.